Dolphin sees itself as a full service provider for b2b web based software development and hosting. Our solutions help to unlock new markets, win new customers, optimize workflows and create individual, customer tailored solutions.

Long term customer relationships, where trust is the basis, are our goals.

Service orientation, flexibility and speed are what characterizes us. This is mirrored in the intensive consulting, the quality of our services and our fair prices.



Many service providers see their consulting as a sales pitch. After project completion customers are often disappointed. Hidden or unmentioned costs, missing features or insufficient know how on the side of the service provider are the main reasons why the relationship is tense or even destroyed after the project.

Good consulting should not include just the presentation of products and services. We advice our customers on follow-up costs, show alternatives, offer suggestions on how to solve or avoid problems which may arise later on. Our consultants are experienced in explaining complex issues in a comprehensible and understandable way.

Information technology shall aid you, optimize workflows and cust down costs. This is only possible with a realiable and goog consulting, which enables you to make reasonable decisions for your business.

As a partner, we want to open up new ways for you, and help you keep an overview. Only then you will be satisfied with the results.


They Quality of a software is measured by several factors. We are not satisified if the application just serves the purpose. Usability and ease of use are essential for us, and a thorough documentation is mandatory.

Expandability, exchange of data or compatability with your other systems will be considered by us. These are the requirements that will enable a long term use of the product in the first place.

Price and Performance

How much should a good product cost? What is the value of a good consulting? A low price is always Ein niedriger Preis ist immer tempting, no matter which product you want to buy. But judging on a software products just by the price is a high risk. If many problems come thogether, you often pay double the price in the end.

A decision for a IT service provider cannot only be based on the price, but also on experience, reaction times and a good reputation. First impressions are important, when meeting or talking to the employees for the first time.

Binding quotes, a fair hourly fee and fixed price offers for complete products are a major part of our price policy.

Speak to us about your requirements - you will not be disappointed.