It is no drama if the project is not on plan.
It is a drama if the project manager does not know about it.

Peter Hobbs, project manager

Project Information Portal for Customers, Project Managers and Stakeholders.

You may have experienced this before: your customers continually ask you about their project status, and demand a regular progress report. This requires either a user access for every customer to your project management system, or a time-consuming report generation from your side.

It gets even more difficult if you want to involve your customers in your approval workflows.

dynaBOARD® offers your customers their own user access to the most important project operating figures in a web-based portal. Directly synced from JIRA it includes automatically generated reports, comments and approval workflows.


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Core Functions

JIRA Connection

Direct exchange of information and data with JIRA from Atlassian.


Automatic and timed reports sending.


Approval / Comments / Issue creation

More Functions

Custom Dashboard

Every user can customize his own starting page.


Search, filter and sorting of issues.


Current sprints, epics and issue details.

Easy Administration

Users and customers can be easily created and managed.

Rights Management

Allow or deny access to projects, actions and information.


All relevant user actions are saved in logs.