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but also for what you do not.

Laotse, 4th - 3rd century before Christ

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The Business Cloud

Along the technological innovations in the last yeas electronic systems have become more and more powerful, but also more complex. Costs for integration and operation of such products have increased. Expensive specialists are required for maintaining and extending these systems. Especially these additions costs increase the time for your return of investment dramatically.

Proft from our long experience in the managed hosting business. Outsource single or all server applications into our business cloud - based in Germany and in compliance with data security laws, e.g. European GDPR.

We accompany you, from the planing up to the deployment - and beyond.


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Core Features


Fast scaling of CPU, RAM and Storage through our Data Center Designer.


Exact hourly billing of resources, transparent and inexpensive.

Location Germany

The cloud data center in Frankfurt and Karlsruhe fulfill highest security standards.

More functions

Data Center Designer

Plan and deploy your virtual data center infrastructure.

Free choice of CPU

Intel or AMD, choose dynamically.

Free choice of storage

Standard Infini-Band storage or SSD hard disks, your choice.

Excellent Support

Direct contact to our technicians, no first level call center.


Access logging and highest security standards.

EU-GDPR compliance

We pledge to the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).