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Innovative // Modular // Scalable

The Business Web Application Framework dynaOFFICE®, developed by Dolphin IT Services, is based on the long experiences in the area of developing business applications on web platforms.

But it is more than just a developer framework. It offers a user interface concentrating on usability and efficiency, groupware features like integrated email client and calendar, a CRM module (customer relationship management), DMS (document management system) as well as several other standard modules.

The great customization options enables time and cost saving integrations for individual customer modules. By this it is possible to integrate internal and external workflows of companies or detaprtments more efficiently.

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Core Features

User management

Users / Companies / Departments / Agencies / Groups & Rights


Calendar, email client, notes, tasks and instant messages are fully integrated.


CRM and DMS are included. Custom modules can be easily integrated.

More Functions

Custom dashboard

Every user can personalize his own dashboard.


Information containers for the dashboard, extendable.


The integrated dyoAPI offers optional external access to dynaOFFICE.

Password guidelines

Determine the security guidelines for user passwords.

Brute force protection

The integrated IDS/IDP system protects from unauthorized access and attacks.


All relevant user actions are logged automatically.