Free Data Exchange

APIs today are a vital component of modern IT infrastructures. By using many different products, which need to communicate with each other, the APIs (engl. application programming interface) are a recurring topic in software development.

Based on our long term experience in many different business branches we have developed, improved and expanded countless APIs. Though the introduction of standardization of technologies has changed much, the challenges still remain the same: different exchange data models over APIs and invoke business processes.

Our Experiences

Below you see some examples from our portfolio concerning API development:

  • Creation of complete API structures for external partners and customers
  • Connecting existing systems to partner systems
  • Construction of middleware APIs to exchange data
  • Analyzing and extending existing APIs
  • Load tests and security checks of APIs


Listed below is a selection of commonly used API technologies from our projects:

  • Webservices
  • Authentication (Token, Multi-Factor, OAuth, etc.)
  • Social network APIs
  • Newsletter APIs
  • and much more

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