We host your applications

After completing the development of a new web application usually the search for fitting hosting company starts. The permanent und reliable operation of the application (DevOps for "development operations") should be given to a provider who knows the exact requirements and understands the business model.

Just uploading the application to a server and leaving it alone is a sure way to problems and outages. Who updates the operating system and the libraries, what services are monitored on the server? What happens if an outage occurs? How high must the service level be?

We offer a complete concept: all from one provider. From development to operations, from monitoring and management up to extensions and enhancements - our services give you peace of mind.

Our hosting services

What we offer:

  • Virtualized hosting in our business cloud (dynaCLOUD)
  • Fulfillment of highest privacy policies and security demands
  • Fully scalable platform
  • Exact hourly billing by usage
  • Loadbalancer
  • Firewalls
  • VPN
  • Excellente support directly by technicians
  • and more

Our services

Assemble your personal service package in regards to the requirements of your applications - ask our consultants for advice:

  • VM management (OS updates and maintenance)
  • IDP/IDS management (intrusion detection & prevention)
  • Monitoring of vital server properties
  • Notfication and escalation system in case of outages
  • Performance and load analysis
  • Individual SLA options (support hours, reaction times)
  • u.v.m.

Additonal products

We also offer these additional products for your systems:

  • over 300 different tld domains
  • SSL certificates of well-known authorities (Symantec, Thawte, GlobalSign, GeoTrust, etc.)

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