Mobile Freedom

Not many technological inventions have changed the life of humanity in this century as much as the smartphone. Naturally this also includes the different mobile devices, e.g. tablets and smartwatches.

This is the reason almost every company at least once thought about building an app. But not every app is useful and user friendly. The app stores are full of apps withouth real value to the user, and some disappear fast than they were published. A successfull app has to offer added value to the user, to bind him more to the company and excite him.

Talk to us about your ideas, and let us design an app together which is really usefull to your users or customers.

Usage Examples

Below you see some examples from our projects:

  • Travel insurance app based on blockchain technology
  • Providing access to sales documents
  • Rate or compare calculation
  • Online invoice scan & submission
  • Accident reporting with foto submission
  • Inventory management with barcode scanning
  • Status reporting for order processing
  • and much more

Need Advice?

Do you have a specific portal, and want to talkt about which elemtns to offer in an app to your customers or staff?

Or do you plan a new project, in which a app is a central component of your business model?

Our consultants can advice you without obligations - just contact us.