Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

We plan our projects in a clean and transparent way. By providing access to our project management portal you can observe the progress of your projects in realtime and influence the development process.

Though we prefer to follow the process below, we are always very flexible and are able to adjust to your specific needs - just ask us if you want to follow a different approach.

First Contact

Your requirements


In the beginning there is just an idea. Sometimes it already contains a complete concept, including technical requirements. In other cases it is just a draft, more functional than technical, and with a lot of unanswered questions.

In both cases we listen to you. We let you explain your ideas and concepts, asking questions to understand your business model.

Our Concept


Based on the information you provided we create a technical concept, tailored to your needs.

We evaluate using cost saving open source solutions, extended by products from our portfolio where applicable. We then add custom development to build the product you desire - and also considering your budget.

Our Offer


We create a binding fixed price offer, so that the project remains very calculable for you. Transparency is not just a marketing tag, instead we are living it. No hidden costs, just open communication.

If you prefer we also work on hourly bases for you, if it is more appropriate for you from a economical point of view. We then agree on milestones and limits, up to which we will provide our services to you.

In our offer you will also find answers to the following questions:

  • how is the project split up into subtasks and components?
  • what are the milestones?
  • how is the approval of the project managed?
  • how can problems or errors be reported?
  • how long will the development process take?

Project Workflow



After accepting our offer we will talk to you about the project start date, and in relation to this about the expected finish date. The start date will consider your wishes, as well as our resource planning. We can provide you with an estimation of the expected finish date at the time of the offer creation.

Our offers usually contain a down payment, so that after receiving this defines the earliest start date for your project.

Project Planning


If this is the first project you are working with us, we provide you with access to our customer project portal dynaBOARD. You can have as many users as you need for the project.

The portal provides the following information during the project, and even afterwards when changes or maintenance is required:

  • Overview of the issues and their status
  • Automatic timed reports by email
  • Adding comments to issues
  • Approving or disapproving issues

We will provide you a personal project manager on our side, which will be you contact in all project related matters. The project manager is the communication gateway between you and our developers.

Providing Test and Development Systems

Test and Development Systems

For the development process, tests and approvals we require a test system, to which you as a customer has access and can experience the progress of the project in realtime.

As we work in small project iterations (called "Sprints" in agile development) of usually 7-14 days, your feedback during the development is not only possible, but explicitely welcome.


Based on modern and agile project management methods like Scrum and Kanban we use small iteration periods, so that you can easily test functionality during the development process as they come available.


Sprints and Issues

Alle requirements and milestones are structured through issues. We plan our open issues weekly (or depending on your preferred method in 2 weeks cycles) in so called sprints. As soon as functions are completed, we upload them to the test system.

Through dynaBOARD and the automatic reports you are kept up-to-date, seeing which issues are currently in progress and how the current status of the project as a whole is.


A milestone can contain one or more issues. As soon as a milestone is completed, we report this to you.

You may now test the milestone and approve it. If you discover problems or errors, you should notify your project manager as soon as possible.

After approving the milestone, it will be invoiced according to the offer.




The final approval of the project is the last step before going live. If a migration of existing data is required, this will be done before the approval. Then all functions and processes in the application should be tested again by you.

If changes or corrections are still required, we will solve them as soon as possible and inform you after completing it. When all tests are positive, you should approve the project.

Going Live

Going Live

If you agree we prepare the production environment on the destination system. If a migration of existing data is required, these will be pulled from the old system and transfered into the production system, as the test system may contain old or changed data from the time of the final approval tests.



After completing the project, we finish the documentation and send it to you. This usually includes process documentation like flow charts, a system structure documentation as well as access and login information to secured areas of the application.

And now?

We are very interested in long lasting business relationships. Because of this it is very important for us to provide our services to you even after the project is finished.



Our support is available for you concerning all questions about your new application. You may also still contact your project manager.

If you want us to operate your application on our infrastructure, we are there for you to provide monitoring and maintenance.



Business models change all the time, customer behavior is very dynamic.

If you decide to extend or change your application in the future, just contact us. We know your application better than anyone else, so we are sure to provide your with an interesting offer.

Recommend Us


Are you satisfied with our service? Did we meet your expectations?

We wold be glad if you recommend us - because this is the best praise a service provider can achieve.