Your customers - our services

As internet agency or software manufacturer you usually know this problem: first it is very calm, so you ask yourself if you did miss a big sports event. Then suddenly all customers contact you at once with new projects or change requests, and you do not know how to provide enough resources.

We also offer white label services for such situations. This means, we support you by developing in the background, without the need to get in touch with your customers.

Your advantages

  • We will not contact your customers directly - we do not even need to know them
  • Full transparency - through our project portal you always have the best overview
  • Direct contact - a project manager on our side keeps you informed
  • Very calculable costs due to fixed price offers
  • Development of a full project, or only parts of it - your decision

Our services

Let us talk about it

Every service provider works differently, every customer has different requirements and needs. Because of this we should talk about it.

Cooperation demands trust, to work out long term - and we want to earn this trust.

Let us talk about it without obligations.