Due to a customer proportion of more than 50% from the insurance and finance branch we possess great experience with the requirements and concepts of this line of business. In addition we have a deep understand of the function workflows and the different divisions.

Solutions for customers

Customers love simple workflows and clean overviews. The challenge is to process complex topics of the insurance branch and provide them in an understandable format.

Some examples from our projects:

  • Customer portal with contract overview and change notficiations
  • Rate calculator with direct application
  • Connection with comparison calculators with different APIs
  • App: damage reporting with fotos
  • App: invoice processing with scans
  • and much more

Solutions for broker

Underwriting agents, insurers and broker pools have different aims concerning the provision of information and interactions. It is important to let the broker get to the desired informations as fast as possbile, offer cross-selling of products and optimizing workflows.

Some examples from our projects:

  • Sales/broker portal with connection to portfolio management system
  • Online rate calculator with need analysis and application
  • complex calculation cores with related premiums
  • Provisioning of rate calculators and application systems to external partners
  • App: call filtered information from sales portal
  • App: call status of applications
  • Digital signature solutions
  • Data transfer by API (connecting complex API controls)
  • Dynamic PDF generation for offers, applications and damage reports
  • PDF generation based on XML editor templates
  • and much more


Besides the aforementioned projects we also have gained a lot of experiences in the following areas, which we would love to add to your project:

  • Private property insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Pecuniary damage liability insurance / D&O
  • Vehicel special insurance: short term and customs plates
  • Vehicel special insurance: US military members / USAREUR
  • GDV connection (Webservice and insurer SOAP connections)
  • BiPRO standard
  • NAFI connection
  • and much more

How can we support you in the optimization of your workflows?