Workflow optimization in the transport and logistics branch is essential to be competitive in the international , um im internationalen competition. Flexibility is required, supported by efficient concepts of digital workflows.

It is necessary that the IT does not set or change the business workflows - it shall support and simplify, not adding complexity.

Usage examples

Some examples from our projects:

  • Sales portal for worldwide shipping of vehicles / pos-ready
  • Sales portal for marine insurance
  • Agency and broker billing with variable depth
  • App: barcode scanner for warehouse inventory management
  • App: querying order status and position information
  • App: damage reporting for transportations incl. fotos
  • and much more


Besides the aforementioned projects we also have gained a lot of experiences in the following areas, which we would love to add to your project:

  • Connection to APIs of logistics providers
  • XML based PDF generation for contracts
  • Digital signature systems
  • and much more

How can we support you in the optimization of your workflows?