Internet and media agencies are always under pressure to be highly innovative, creative and flexible. Because of this it is important to create or join a network of partners to stay competitive.

Customers from this line of business value our short reaction times, the direct contact to our technicians and developers as well as our fair pricing model. They extend their own portfolio with Dolphin products, or even use them on their own to speed up their workflows.

Solutions for own demand

Einige Beispiele aus unserer Projektarbeit für den Eigenbedarf von Internet- und Medienagenturen:

  • Projektmanagement-Portal für Kunden
  • Cloud-Steuerungssysteme zu Standard-Anbietern
  • Self-Service Kundenportal mit integriertem Shop
  • Abrechnungssysteme/Fakturierung für Dienstleistungen
  • Schnittstellen zu externen Partnern / Dienstleistern
  • CMS-Aufbau mit Standard- oder Individual-Produkten
  • Entlastung/Verstärkung Ihrer eigenen Entwickler durch White-Label Entwicklung (Details)
  • u.v.m.

Solutions for reselling

Some examples for reselling, most with the option of white labeling:

How can we support you in the optimization of your workflows?